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Q.  What are the laws concerning persons under the age of 18 getting married?


A.  If either of the parties is under 18 years of age but is at least 16 years of age, the county court judge or clerk of the circuit court shall issue a license only if written consent is obtained from the parents.  The consent must be acknowledged before an officer authorized to take acknowledgements and administer oaths.  The license may be issued if both parents are deceased or if the minors had been previously married.

            A second exception to the under 18 rule grants a county court judge discretion to issue a license to any male or female upon application of both parents that they are the parents of a child, or if a pregnancy is verified by the written statement of a licensed physician.

            In cases in which the male party does not wish to admit that he is the father and also tries to avoid financial responsibility, the mother may bring proceedings in circuit court to determine paternity.  If the court determines the male party to be the father of the child, it may order the father to pay the mother, her guardian, or such other person assuming responsibility for the child, such sums sufficient to pay reasonable attorney’s fee, hospital or medical expenses, etc.


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