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Q.  Why is title insurance necessary, and why do so many banks and lenders require it? 

A.  Title insurance is very much misunderstood and probably one of the most complained about types of insurance.  There are many reasons a title should be researched for protection of the parties in a real estate transaction.

            Owner’s title insurance generally pays for the defense of your title against the following (partial list) types of claims and will protect you against hidden risks:

1.      Types of forgery.

2.      Types of fraud concerning the execution of documents.

3.      Undue influence on a grantor or executor.

4.      False impersonation by those purporting to be owners of the property.

5.      Marital status incorrectly represented.

6.      Missing or undisclosed heirs.

7.      Last will and testament improperly probated.

8.      Fraudulent or mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts.

9.      Conveyance by a mental incompetent.

10. Conveyance by a minor.

11. Subsequent heirs to an estate.

12. Improper or inadequate surveys.

13. Improper, incorrect or misleading legal descriptions.

14. Non-delivery of deeds.

15. Claims of unsatisfied claims or invoices not shown on the public records.

16. Deeds executed under expired or fraudulent powers of attorney.

17. Claims due to mistaken or similar names.

18. Claims due because of dower or curtsey rights of ex-spouses.

19. Deliverance of deeds after the death of a grantor.

20. Clerical errors and improper or incorrect indexing.


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