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 Q.  What are the rules for Medicaid qualification in Florida?


A.  In the State of Florida, there is a three-part test for Medicaid qualification.

The first test involves the applicantís medically-necessary level of care.  It must be shown that the nursing home residentís medical condition requires the resident to be in the nursing home. 

Second is the asset test.  The single applicant can have no more than $2,000.00 in countable assets.  The married applicant can also have no more than $2,000.00, but the applicantís spouse living outside the nursing home may have up to $92,760.00 in countable assets.

Third is the income test.  The Medicaid applicant may have no more than $1,692.00 a month in gross income.  If his or her gross income exceeds this amount, then an irrevocable income-only trust can be established to obtain Medicaid qualification.  There is no income limit for the nursing home residentís spouse.


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