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Q.  What does Medicaid cover once a nursing home patient has qualified for it?

A.  For a single person, Medicaid will pay for room and board at the nursing home, less the residentís gross monthly income.  The resident is also permitted to keep $35.00 a month for his or her personal needs.  For a married person, a nursing home residentís spouse may be allowed to keep some or all of the residentís gross income, depending on the financial circumstances of the spouse.  In addition, Medicaid will pay for the following:


1.      In-patient and out-patient medical care;

2.      Surgery;

3.      Hospitalization;

4.      Transportation to and from the hospital;

5.      Dialysis;

6.      Psychiatric care and counseling;

7.      Medical supplies;

8.      Medication.


Medicaid does not pay for hearing aids, eyeglasses, or dental care.


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